This Is The Droid You’re Looking For


Sphero, which we just wrote about, have announced a special item in the form of BB-8 which is a droid starring in the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Wars movie coming December.

Ollie – App-enabled Racing


With smartphones becoming ever more powerful toys are increasingly becoming more and more app-enabled. For example here we have “Ollie” from Sphero. Ollie is steered using an iOS/Android app and lets you pull off amazing tricks using just your phone. Ollie is made to be durable and can reach a speed of 14 mph.

Recycled Fold-up Cardboard Animals

Polish label Paperowe Miasto has created a series of cardboard fold-up toys made out of recycled cardboard. Their latest edition is a set that contains 20 different animals, which are said to be easy to fold-up and durable.





MiniMaracas – Rattles Made From Sustainable Wood

MiniMaracas is a set of three small wooden rattles with different shapes and colours. They’re small with soft edges and a perfect fit for small toddler hands.



Eco friendly rubber animals made from recycled tires

Peruvian brand Rika uses recycled tires, cardboard and bottles in the production of their eco friendly designs. Rubber Animals is a series of toy animals made from recycled tires and consists of a gorilla, a giraf, a pig, an elephant and a sheep.

If you like this you might want to check out Pangolin which I’ve written about before.






Ryan McElhinney Toy Lamp

An amazing toy lamp sculpture by Ryan McElhinney made of recycled toys.

Toy Lamp

Toy Lamp