Pastel Toys – Special Toys Made By Special People

pastel_toys_giraffePastel Toys makes simple and beautifully designed heirloom toys great for both playing and decorating the nursery. The toys have an old yet fresh and modern look, and is a great decorating and toy alternative for parents who would like to use baby colors, but aren’t keen on the usual baby blue and pink.

Besides being beautiful and fun the Pastel Toys products has a special background as well. All the toys are made by special need adults in the Kishorit kibbutz in Israel.

The toys are cut out of wood, sanded and painted by hand by the residents. All the items receive individual attention and there is a great focus on quality. The kibbutz is made by the non-profit organization Kishorit and is a community where adults with mental problems are able to live by themselves, have a job and help each other. A job at the Pastel Toys carpentry is only one of the jobs Kishorit can offer their residents.

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