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Capitalist Pig – Blackboard Piggy Bank

The Capitalist Pig Piggy Bank - A Blackboard Piggy BankThe Capitalist Pig is great piggy bank for those who like to make lists. It has a blackboard surface that allows you to write and draw on it to motivate yourself to save money.

You can for instance use its surface to write the amount you’ve saved, the amount left to save and/or what you’re saving for.

The Capitalist Pig comes with 4 sticks of chalk and costs GBP 12.95 at the new web shop Giftlab.

My guess is it’s white chalks, so why not buy a package of colored chalks for the kid as well to increase the fun of saving?

Via Cool Hunting.

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  1. 1 Lyssa Feb 22nd, 2012 at 09:44 pm

    I actually bought a chalkboard piggybank like this one, but at Target. We decorated it for my son’s first birthday. Every once in a while we change what is drawn on it to match what is grabbing his attention during that particular phase of his life! Love it- fun for parents too ;)

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