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anamalz – Award Winning Wooden Toys with Movable Limbs

anamalz are award winning wooden toys with movable limbs, and as the name suggest the toys are all various animals. anamalz are available in four different series – wildanamalz, farmanamalz, australiananamalz and perhistoricanamalz.

anamalz toys are handmade from sustainable wood, materials that allow the animals to move, and textiles to create details and accessories.

wildanamalz is a series of 16 wild toy animals. The giraffe, the brown bear, the hippo, the crocodile, the gorilla and the elephant are some of the animals found in this series.

In the farmanamalz series you’ll find 16 different farm toy animals. Animals like the cow, the sheep, the lama and the goat can be found here.

australiananamalz is a series that has to do with, yes you guessed it, Australian animals and contains 5 toy animals – the emu, the kangaroo, the echidna, the wombat and the koala.

Finally perhistoricanamalz is a series that contains 6 prehistoric toy animals and has some of the most well known dinosaurs: the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Torosaurus, Brontosaurus, Parasaurolophus and the Stegosaurus.

There are a few accessories available for these toys, a barn and a play mat amongst others.

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