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Ryan McElhinney Toy Lamp

An amazing toy lamp sculpture by Ryan McElhinney made of recycled toys.

Toy Lamp

Toy Lamp

Christmas Gift Ideas – Board Games

Why not make one of this years gifts one that will give the family some quality time and fun during the holidays? Board games might end up giving the whole family some great memories. Here are a few examples of fun board games from our product finder.

Froggy Boogie

The concept of Froggy Boogie is inspired by the ability of parents to have eyes in the back of their heads, and knowing everything the kids are doing. So in this game the frog kids are supposed to get around the board, which of course is a pond, without being detected by the adult.

Skills needed for playing are color recognition and memory skills. The game is for children age four and up.

Lutso – Is a brain game which older kids will love, as they take turns placing their marbles strategically on the board. At the same time they’ll have to look out for marble patterns that matches one of their shapes, and watch out not to make patterns that fits the opponents shapes.

Marrakech Game – a fictional rug market, that teaches strategy and decision making. The players take turn rolling the dice and moving the market organiser, Assam. If Assam stops on free space the player can place one of their rugs on the space. If he stops on an opponent’s rug though, the player will have to pay the owner of rug owner some money. The idea is to have most rugs places on the board at the end of the game.


Grou – The Coat Rack that Grows with the Children

A lot of furniture can be changed as the children grow up. Menuts Grou is a very clever one of such.

Grou is a minimalistic tree that functions as a coat rack. All the knobs can be moved around the tree, as the children grows.

Decorative Mirrors by Adorning Al

I think children’s mirrors should be both adorning and useful, and I’m therefore naturally fond of how Australia based Adorning Al makes their mirrors in cute shapes with cut out details. They create both small and large mirrors, as well as mirror wall art and letter mirrors.

TrackTile Tables – Tables with Wooden Toy Train Tracks

No room for the toy train tracks at home? How about combining the dining room table with endless wooden train tracks? TrackTile Tables does just that!

TrackTile Tables have surfaces that are made out of tiles, which are plain on one side and has wooden BRIO toy train tracks on the other side. You simply turn the tiles over, and you get at table filled with endless toy train tracks. Quite a space saver.

The tables are unique and handmade to put a new spin on fine dining, but they are just perfect for the kids, don’t you think?

I find it very clever, as the dining room table often functions as a play area anyway…..and I can just imagine having a birthday party around this table, and being able to serve treats by sending the treat-train around the table!

Combined Stacking and Puzzle Toy With Several Different Degrees of Difficulty

By making two pieces out of each stacking ring, Buchi has created a beautifully simple combined stacking and puzzle toy with several different degrees of difficulty.

The stacking rings are made out of a cross and a surrounding square, which fit perfectly together. The first challenges will be to put the squares onto the crosses and to put the crosses onto the stick. The next challenge will be putting the squares onto the crosses after having placed the crosses onto the stick first.

Besides being a clever toy it is also very simple and beautiful and could be perfect as nursery decoration.