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Cool stuff for kids

Norse By Norsewest

cupco_norse_by_norsewestCupco is really exclusive and detailed dolls made out of fabric. Their Norse By Norsewest series have some fantastic vikings with weapons and accessories. The Cupcos are mostly for boys since these dolls are of the “cool” kind, and not something girls would find very cute.

There are all sorts of Cupcos, from Gandhi and Osama Bin Laden to vikings, samurais and mummies. All the Cupco heads can be taken off and swapped with other Cupcos heads. You can play around and get lots of fun results. Make a Mummy Bin Laden or maybe a Dracula Castro?
See Cupco pictures at Flickr.

Tom Arma Costumes


Maybe you are familiar with the work of Tom Arma? His photograph’s are amazing. If anyone can capture “cute” with a camera, it’s him.

Tom Arma has made some of the costumes for sale, so now you can transform your own little baby into one of the cute creatures in his photos.

iAttire iPod Costumes


Now you and your iPod can go to Halloween parties with matching costumes! The iPod costumes is one of those things no one really needs, but most really, really wants anyway.

iAttire develops costumes and accessories for iPods. There are lots of costumes, underwear and accessories to choose from. There is e.g. a big selection of hats for your iPod, and you can even get a hat rack for your iPod hats.

Via Outblush

Paperpod Toys

paperpod_teepeePaperpod toys are all made out of recycled cardboard. Paperpod has furniture as well as toys, and they can all be folded and flattened to take up minimal amount of storage space. These products are simple, practical and a lot of fun.

These toys and furniture are for children as blank canvas is for an artist. Kids love to draw on them and give them their own personal appearance.

Visit Paperpod for mere information and purchase.

Kids Artwork Preserved as Silver Pins


A really great way to preserve your kids artwork is to have Totally Out Of Hand make beautiful pins from them.

The silver pins are great to have for both kids and parents later in life, but the silver pins can also serve as personal and soulful up-to-date jewelry. In stead of buying jewelry that is designed to look naive and cute, you can have genuine naive and cute jewelry made from you own kids artwork.

The silver pins will make a great and personal gift for e.g. christening or grandparents.