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Woodbees – Designer toys, collectors items and decoration for the kids room

Woodbees are colorful bees made out of wood – a product of a collaboration between the talented toy designer Pepe Hiller and the artist Lunabee (Sarah Miskelly).

Woodbees are handmade designer toys and limited edition collectors items. They’ll look amazing as decoration for the nursery, kids room or for the living room of playful adults of all ages.

Pepe Hillers has uploaded a series of inspiring images of how the Woodbees are made. A few of which can be seen in this article. Perhaps some of our readers will feel inspired to create something similar with their children after seeing these images.


Bambi children’s chair from Kamina&C

Inspired by the rather famous Disney movie, japanese designer Kamina&Cs has made the “Bambi chair” – a small and charming chair which will look great in any nursery or childrens room.

Old fashioned handmade stuffed toy animals

nikoki creates stuffed toy animals with big personalities and an old fashion look. These stuffed toy animals are handmade and several of them have been adorned with embroidery details, like the Rock ‘n’ Roll bear and the sailor bear, which both have gotten their very own tattoos.

Branch Holder – A tiny rubber piece transforms a stick into a sword

Branch Holder is one of designer Naama Agassis projects, which is based on a childhood memory, a memory of children’s ability to make something out of nothing.

Branch Holder is a small piece of rubber with a hole in each end. Put a stick through both holes and the stick is transformed into a sword with the rubber piece acting as the knuckle guard. A generously simple toy that encourages the children to use their imagination. It is available in blue, black, orange, red and green.

Topozoo – a World Filled with Fun Assemble Toy Animals

Topozoo is a world filled with fun assemble toy animals. These toys come in sets with parts for one, two or three animals, and the children choose to assemble these parts into traditional animals, or their very own fantasy animals.

At this point Topozoo has a safari series, a dinosaur series, a monster series, a spring series, a unicorn, a dragon, an owl and two series that children can colour themselves.

Topozoo toys are developed to stimulate creativity and imagination, eco-friendly and made in the USA. Suitable for children 3 years and older.

Rufus Rabbit Pull Along – Pull Along Toy, Squeaker, Bell, Rattle and Puzzle in One

One of the most adorable pull along toys I’ve ever seen is Silver Cross’ “Rufus Rabbit Pull Along“, a soft fabric rabbit pushing a wobbling cart full of removable vegetables, which actually work together to form a puzzle. The toy includes some pretty neat features; the carrot contains a bell, the cauliflower contains a rattle, the beetroot contains a squeaker and the rabbits head turns. A lot of fun for one toy!