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Cool stuff for kids

Flatout Frankie Cardboard Toys – Toys that can be Painted and Drawn on

Toys that can be painted and drawn on is in my opinion some of the very best toys, as they inspire children to use their imagination.

Flatout Frankie makes a series of simple cardboard (100% recyclable) toys decorated with plain white minimalistic details.

Currently the Flatout Frankies series of cardboard toys consists of an oven, a plane, a princess castle and a dollhouse, and another great thing about these toys is that they can be flat packed for storage and traveling.

Jellystone Design – Jewelry for Mothers to Wear with Babies in Mind

I love things designed with both a practical and an aesthetic purpose in mind. Jellystone Designs jewelry falls into this category with their jewelry which is safe for small children and looks good on mom too.

The jewelry is made in a non-toxic material, child friendly shapes, several delicious colours and has a soft feel. All nice features for toys, but for the idea of a toy-jewelry to work moms have to feel pretty wearing the jewelry as well, and I think Jellystone Designs is well on their way to finding the perfect middle way between toy and jewelry.

I really love Jellystone Designs Pebble Bead Necklace and Organic bangle. The bangle is meant as a teether, and the Necklace is part of the “Tuggable” range which features a break-free clasp, that will easily separate when tugged.

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are in the need some pumpkin carving inspiration you should check out Ray Vilfanes fantastic pumpkins.

Tips on how to make your own Halloween pumpkin and free stencils can be found all around the internet – for example at Halloween Pumpkins.

Spoonful Design – Handmade Bamboo Wall Art

New Zealand based Spoonful Design develops beautiful unique wall art, that is handmade in New Zealand using sustainable bamboo and cotton thread. All motifs used for their wall art is based on Spoonful Designs own original illustrations, which I personally am absolutely crazy about.

The Ultimate Play Set – Beautiful Organic Wooden Toys from Smiling Tree Toys

Smiling Tree Toys’ “The Ultimate Play Set” really is what is says – an ultimate play set. This wooden play set will make an excellent gift for a christening, for newborns and for baby- and toddler birthdays.

Smiling Tree Toys wooden wonders are made out of simple shapes, which are not only beautiful, but also perfect for triggering the children’s imagination.

The Ultimate Play Set consists of a flatbed toy truck, a slide, eight wooden people and twenty building blocks in various sizes and shapes.

All pieces are handmade from walnut and maple hardwoods, sanded to a silky smooth surface, and finished with local beeswax and organic flaxseed oil. The Ultimate Play Set is, like all Smiling Tree Toys toys, eco-friendly and non toxic.

A bit about Smiling Tree Toys – It is a small Minnesota based family business, which develops organic wooden toys in their own little workshop. Their wooden toys are sold through their Etsy store, and they donate a portion of the profits from every wooden toy sold to youth development projects.

Jason Freeny – Dissecting Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Care Bare and Raving Rabbid

Ever wonder what the likes of Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Care Bare and Raving Rabbid would look like inside if they were alive? Or had been…

Don’t know how Jason Freeny got the idea of dissecting toys and sculpting their bones and intestines, but turns out it’s not as disgusting as it might sound at first.

Freeny really makes the most wonderfully detailed and creative “reconstructions” of toys inner parts. I’m totally blown away by his creations and I’d love to own some of his works for sure.

Heres a bunch of examples of his dissecting work. Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, My Little Pony, Raving Rabbid, Care Bare and a Rubber Duck are amongst the lucky few who have now got their inners on display.