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Clump-o-lump – Stuffed Animals With Exchangeable Parts

Clump-o-lump is a fantastic concept that allows children to create their own fantasy  animal by taking a series of stuffed animals apart and putting the different parts together as they wish.

The Clump-o-lump family is (at this point) a family of six stuffed animals – Tig-o the Tiger, Squid-o the Squid, Bee-o the Bee, Bird-o the Bird, Shark-o the Shark and Frog-o the Frog. All of which are made out of three parts connected by zippers. All parts are easily detached each other, allowing the children to exchange parts and assemble all sorts of funny looking creatures.

With a bunch of these animals one can make a very cool and long wormy creature, by putting a lot of middle parts together! Oh, and don’t you just love the fantastic spine detail visible in all the creatures when they are taken appart? I do!

ThinkGeek – Geek Toys for Geeky Types

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ThinkGeek is one of my favourite webshops. ThinkGeek is a webshop dedicated to geeky and fun toys and apparel. Their target audience is the geekier people, the IT crowd – basicly anyone you’d consider a little bit “brainy”.


At ThinkGeek they’ve got apparel for children, gadgets, electronics and more. The products cover areas such as Star Wars, Zombies, Linux and Gaming. Many of the products are also very suitable for adults – especially if you’ve got a spouse working in the IT industry.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a child they’ve got a whole section you can browse through.

Should you know someone who’s very into playing World of Warcraft or other types of role playing games a good gift idea would be these health energy potions pictured on the left. Loaded with caffeine which is a gamers fuel but they also contain elderberry and ginseng and are void of sugar.

Scientific Videos for Children and Parents

bristlebot_toothbrush_robotNeed some fun and educational activities to engage in together with the kids? Spend a couple of minutes browsing YouTube or Metacafe and you’ll discover lots of educational “how to” videos of experiments that’ll make time pass quickly for both kids and grownups.

Following is a few of my favorites.

Bristlebot- The little toothbrush robot

One of Evil Mad Scientists videos on Metacafe, How To Make A BristleBot , shows you how to make a small robot that drives around by itself, by the use of the head of a toothbrush, a pager motor, two copper treads, foam tape and a watch battery. It’s a simple experiment with lots of educational value. It can keep your child occupied for quite some time. A more detailed description on how to make the Bristlebot, and what you need to make it, can be found at Evil Mad Scientist.


How To Make Hot Ice

This is weird, and so cool. Boys will love this one. Liquid becomes ice when you touch it! Have a look at the video.

Balloon Hovercraft

D3stiny at Metacafe shows you how to make a balloon hovercraft. It’s quite easy.

Unbelievable Origami Toys

It is incredible what you can make with just a piece of paper, a bit of tape and a few crayons! Following are a couple of videos showing you how to build little paper toys for/with your children. The first one is the good old Jumping origami frog toy. One piece of paper becomes a frog that jumps when you pat it on the back. The second one is The twisting hexagon, very difficult to describe, so it’s better you just have a look at the video! If you find these fun you should keep an eye on all the related videos that appear in the right side when you play the videos as well!

Have fun!

Teach Your Pet Goldfish Tricks!

Fish are not exactly known for being the most interacting pets, but it looks like we might have been underestimating our little swimming friends. With the The R2 Fish School it’s supposed to be possible to teach your goldfish tricks! Have a look at the video. I’m not sure if it’s just a fish having a lot of fun with all the props, or if it’s a trained goldfish, but either way it must be much more fun watching the fish playing around like this, than watching it swim around in circles! Not to speak of how much more fun it must be for the fish!

Via No puerdo creer

My Favourite Animals – Life Like Animal Soft Toys of the Unusual Kind + Giveaway!

In how many soft toy stores can you find slow lorises, aya-ayas, armadillos, bald eagles, anteaters, lamas, tapirs and squirrels? My Favourite Animals has a fascinating amount of life like animal soft toys of the more unusual kind.

I’m a big fan of toys with realistic details. As a kid I loved when I could see the same details in my toys as the ones I could see in nature programs on TV. Animal Planet and Discovery gives children an opportunity to learn a lot about nature and animals, as there are more and more programs made for kids, and I would think that along with the increase in knowledge about the animals comes an increase in expectations towards toys. Many nature-loving children will appreciate the opportunity to choose toys with realistic details. I know I would have! My Favourite Animal has a great selection of these kinds of soft toys, and that’s why I think its such a great web store.

To give a soft toy with lots of identity provides the children an opportunity to learn and to use the knowledge about the particular species of their toy in play. Instead of giving a Teddy Bear, which has very little identity before the child gives it one, one could for instance give the kid a spectacle bear or an ice bear, for which there is much information available. The available information can create a great base for realistic play, and learning.

Besides the soft toys My Favourite Animals also has a small selection of hand puppets. My favourites are the Macaw Hand Puppets, how cute and full of realistic details! The Macaw Hand Puppets comes in two assorted colors and costs 6.50 GBP.

Giveaway – Win Gift Vouchers!

My Favourite Animals is always on the lookout for new soft toy animals to join the “family”, and they would love to know what animal you wish to see, or see more of, in their store!

What’s your favourite animal, and why?

Send an email marked “My Favourite Animals” to marianne@alifemoreinteresting.com, with the answer to this question, your name and your address, if you’d like a chance to win one of the two gift vouchers My Favourite Animal is giving away.

The first winner will receive a 50-pound gift voucher and the second winner will receive a 20-pound gift voucher!

Last chance to enter the giveaway is November 2nd. 2008.

Note: Your information will be used for this giveaway only, and will not be shared with anyone. US-, UK-, Canadian and Western European residents can enter the giveaway, and only one submission from each household will be accepted.


Luxurious Labyrinth Aquarium

Luxurious Labyrinth Aquarium
This fantastic aquarium comes in two different versions and three different wood colors. It looks quite interesting and futuristic. It definately must be fun for the fish to swim around in. It kind of reminds me of an underwater station from a movie but I digress.

The aquarium consists of six fishbowls connected to each other by tubes which allows for fish to swim freely between the fishbowls.

It’s on the pricier side but if you have $5,500.00 USD lying around the aquarium can be purchased at Opulent Items.