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A Castle On the Ocean – Amazing Paper Craft

An absolutely amazing paper craft installation by the art student Wataru Itou in Tokyo. Hand made over four years. More details and more pictures at Tokyobling.



Figments – Soulful Designer Plush

studio04.jpgFirst time I saw Figments I was cruising through all the articles that had been piling up in my feed reader. Not so interesting articles usually gets about 1 sec. of attention while interesting ones get around 20 sec. (if they do not have a lot of text to read). The article about Figments had very little text, but it got about 1 min. of my time!

It was like the Figment characters were alive, and of course I was attracted to the high level of detail put into these characters. One can truly tell that these are one of a kind characters made by the hand of an artist who uses his art to express himself. These artists leave a small piece of themselves in every product, and I believe that’s how the characters end up so very alive and full of soul!

Figment was born out of the artists love for shoes, and that’s clearly visible by the major role the tiny baby sneakers serve in the characters. All the characters are made from carefully chosen fabrics and accessories, and through the process of their making their personalities take shape little by little.

It is a truly great “toy” for those of us who love designer plush with a whole lot of soul.

Figments will be available online when they get their web store up and running, and until then the characters can be found at Lower Haters (San Francisco) and Acycle (Tokyo).

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