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MiniMaracas – Rattles Made From Sustainable Wood

MiniMaracas is a set of three small wooden rattles with different shapes and colours. They’re small with soft edges and a perfect fit for small toddler hands.



Jellystone Design – Jewelry for Mothers to Wear with Babies in Mind

I love things designed with both a practical and an aesthetic purpose in mind. Jellystone Designs jewelry falls into this category with their jewelry which is safe for small children and looks good on mom too.

The jewelry is made in a non-toxic material, child friendly shapes, several delicious colours and has a soft feel. All nice features for toys, but for the idea of a toy-jewelry to work moms have to feel pretty wearing the jewelry as well, and I think Jellystone Designs is well on their way to finding the perfect middle way between toy and jewelry.

I really love Jellystone Designs Pebble Bead Necklace and Organic bangle. The bangle is meant as a teether, and the Necklace is part of the “Tuggable” range which features a break-free clasp, that will easily separate when tugged.

The Ultimate Play Set – Beautiful Organic Wooden Toys from Smiling Tree Toys

Smiling Tree Toys’ “The Ultimate Play Set” really is what is says – an ultimate play set. This wooden play set will make an excellent gift for a christening, for newborns and for baby- and toddler birthdays.

Smiling Tree Toys wooden wonders are made out of simple shapes, which are not only beautiful, but also perfect for triggering the children’s imagination.

The Ultimate Play Set consists of a flatbed toy truck, a slide, eight wooden people and twenty building blocks in various sizes and shapes.

All pieces are handmade from walnut and maple hardwoods, sanded to a silky smooth surface, and finished with local beeswax and organic flaxseed oil. The Ultimate Play Set is, like all Smiling Tree Toys toys, eco-friendly and non toxic.

A bit about Smiling Tree Toys – It is a small Minnesota based family business, which develops organic wooden toys in their own little workshop. Their wooden toys are sold through their Etsy store, and they donate a portion of the profits from every wooden toy sold to youth development projects.

uimi – Merino Wool Baby Blankets

uimi makes the most wonderful knitted baby blankets form merino wool. The blankets have beautiful patterns, made with different colors and by the knitting itself.

Amongst uimis blankets are single colored, multicolored and double sided baby blankets.

uimi is an eco-friendly Australian brand and their blankets are Australian made.


Sleepy Wings – Ingenious Alternative to Swaddling the Baby

Sleepy Wings is a type of clothing meant to reduce the startle reflex of babies without swaddling.

By reducing the startle reflex you can prevent the baby from waking itself during sleep, keep it from scratching and pinching mommy while feeding, and keep it from scratching itself.

Sleepy Wings allow the baby to sleep in a natural position, with bent elbows and arms positioned alongside the head, without restricting the baby’s ability to reach it’s mouth with it’s hands. This allows the baby to self settle and sooth without scratching itself.

What I love the most about Sleepy Wings are the ingenious “dummy pockets”, which are placed in each hand. These allow you to place two pacifiers in the immediate reach of the babies mouth, hence the baby can loose it’s pacifier twice without the parents having to intervene!

Little Korboose – Pillow Soft Toy

Little Korboose is the creator of these wonderful pillows shaped around childish drawings. Simple and adorable!

I love the use of only a few colors and how the color doesn’t stay inside the lines. I can imagine that many toddlers and small children will use these pillows as soft toys as well.

Little Korboose is situated in Ohio, where many of their products are produced. The production is done with quality, sustainable resources and eco friendly materials in mind.