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Gorgeous Diecast Model Cars

What to give the boy who has everything? How about a diecast model car with lots of details?

A boy who appreciates cars, quality and details will love to receive a small replica car model of his favorite brand. Obviously we’re not going to discriminate here. If you have a girl who loves cars I’m sure she’ll appreciate a one of these cars just as much and perhaps even take better care of them as well.

Diecast Car Models have an impressive amount of models in different sizes from several car brands. It ought to be possible to find your boys or girls favorite car amongst their selection although it might take a few hours since you can easily get lost just browsing around.


The Ultimate Play Set – Beautiful Organic Wooden Toys from Smiling Tree Toys

Smiling Tree Toys’ “The Ultimate Play Set” really is what is says – an ultimate play set. This wooden play set will make an excellent gift for a christening, for newborns and for baby- and toddler birthdays.

Smiling Tree Toys wooden wonders are made out of simple shapes, which are not only beautiful, but also perfect for triggering the children’s imagination.

The Ultimate Play Set consists of a flatbed toy truck, a slide, eight wooden people and twenty building blocks in various sizes and shapes.

All pieces are handmade from walnut and maple hardwoods, sanded to a silky smooth surface, and finished with local beeswax and organic flaxseed oil. The Ultimate Play Set is, like all Smiling Tree Toys toys, eco-friendly and non toxic.

A bit about Smiling Tree Toys – It is a small Minnesota based family business, which develops organic wooden toys in their own little workshop. Their wooden toys are sold through their Etsy store, and they donate a portion of the profits from every wooden toy sold to youth development projects.

Atypyk Burning Cars Candle

Burning Cars Candle from Atypyk РCandles with beautiful details for car loving boys! Each candle is 18 x 7 x 5 cm, and they come in packs of four.

Handmade Soapbox Cart From Normann Copenhagen


Normann Copenhagen’s modern version of the classic soap box cart is a brightly colored heirloom.

Even though it’s a very clean cut and modern looking cart, they’ve still kept some of that lovely home made vintage look by using details like skew boards and headlights.

Normann Copenhagens Soapbox Carts are hand made in Denmark and can be purchased at Wannekes for the exclusive (slightly expensive) price of 2400.00 EUR ~ around 3500 USD. (Product discontinued).

Automoblox – Durable Heirloom Design Cars


Automoblox is not your normal toy car. These cars have a unique, simple and very cool design. They are made out of parts and can be taken apart and put together just like a real car. This allows you to design your own cars by taking existing cars apart, switch the parts around and put new cars together. For this you will of course need more than one of the Automoblox cars. The more cars you have, the more design possibilities you will have.

The body of the Automoblox car is made out of wood and under the hood you find the engine parts. These parts will help you combine any car that automobox_own_designyou would like to make. The engine parts and the car as a whole was made in cooperation with a child psychologist which has resulted in fun toys with a high educational value. Automoblox inspires creative and imaginative playing and helps develop skills as shape recognition, color matching and fine motor skills.

At Automoblox you can see the specifications for all the Automoblox car models. Each car has their own Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) just like real cars. This will surely increase their collectible value and it also allows you to register your cars online! The VIN contains information about your car. It can tell you the make, year, model, color, place of manufacture and what number your car was to roll of the assembly line.

It is possible to buy extra accessories that allows you to make any car into a 6 and 8 wheeler. This makes building Automoblox cars even more fun.

Automoblox has quite an unusual philosophy when it comes to the durability of their toys. It is unusual for mass producing toy companies to want anything other than cheap and effective production. Durability often gets very little attention. Automoblox’s philosophy is to make heirloom toys with a great durability. “It is better to have one great toy instead of 10 cheap ones.”. Automoblox wants children to bond strongly with their toys and hopes that they might want to keep them as they grow up and pass them on to their own kids. All the Automoblox car parts are incredibly strong. The wheels for example are nearly impossible to break. They are literally bulletproof!

You can read more about the Automoblox toy cars and purchase them at Automoblox.

H-Racer Hydrogen Driven Toycar


The H-Racer toycar is a smart little car that runs on hydrogen. It is a fascinating toy which lets children experience new technology.

With the H-Racer comes a miniature refueling station that matches the cars design. When the car is in need of fuel, you just drive up to the refueling station and tank hydrogen like one would tank gas or diesel on a real car. By the use of a solar power the refueling station can produce all the hydrogen you’ll need for the H-Racer. The see through tank allows you to observe the hydrogen making process. It’s a brilliant idea and very engaging for the kids.

Product discontinued.