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ThinkGeek – Geek Toys for Geeky Types

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ThinkGeek is one of my favourite webshops. ThinkGeek is a webshop dedicated to geeky and fun toys and apparel. Their target audience is the geekier people, the IT crowd – basicly anyone you’d consider a little bit “brainy”.


At ThinkGeek they’ve got apparel for children, gadgets, electronics and more. The products cover areas such as Star Wars, Zombies, Linux and Gaming. Many of the products are also very suitable for adults – especially if you’ve got a spouse working in the IT industry.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a child they’ve got a whole section you can browse through.

Should you know someone who’s very into playing World of Warcraft or other types of role playing games a good gift idea would be these health energy potions pictured on the left. Loaded with caffeine which is a gamers fuel but they also contain elderberry and ginseng and are void of sugar.

Win a Custom Made Wooden Rocking Horse

The GiggleBrush Designs store is filled with beautiful furniture, bedding and decor for the childrens bedroom. They carry beautiful products by Bebe Chic, DwellStudio and Caden Lane, amongst others, but what caught my eye, when I stopped by the website, were all the cute custom made products they offer for children.

They have a great selection of custom made furniture, toys and decorative items and all their products are hand painted using non-toxic water based paints and sealants. Many of the bedding companies, from which GiggleBrush Designs carry bedding, lets them copy their patterns, and this allows them to make custom made products that matches the bedding you find in their store!

Amongst the custom made GiggleBrush Designs products you’ll find are drawer knobs, picture frames, letters, step stools, wall shelves and toys. My favorite custom products in the store are the rocking horses, which can be custom made with the kids name painted on the side of the bow rocker.

There are several different rocking horse designs to choose from and I’m especially fascinated by the Plaid Rocking Horse and the Pastel Rocking Horse. Both have fun patterns and bright colors that will stimulate the child’s brain. The rocking horses cost between 119.95 USD and 179.95 USD.

If you’re thinking of getting a custom made gift for a child this Christmas, you should keep in mind that the delivery time on custom made products is longer than on other products, so you should order in good time!

Giveaway – Win a White Custom Made Wooden Rocking Horse!

GiggleBrush Designs was more than happy to sponsor a giveaway for our readers, and have offered to give away one of their white custom made rocking horses! A perfect opportunity to win a special Christmas gift.

If you want a chance to win this rocking horse you can send an email marked “GiggleBrush Designs” to marianne@alifemoreinteresting.com, with your name and address.

Last chance to enter the giveaway is December 10th. 2008.

Note: Your information will be used for this giveaway only, and will not be shared with anyone. Only US residents can enter the giveaway, and only one submission from each household will be accepted.

The Giveaway is over and the winner is…

Christmas Ladder Tree

christmas_ladderIf you are a bit creative and would like a Christmas without a needle shedding tree alternatives exist.

A ladder can amazingly enough look beautiful with the right kind of decoration. The ladder is easy to decorate from bottom to top and children will be using lots of their imagination when decorating the ladder and the space between its legs which, by the way, is perfect for the placement of gifts.

apartment therapy have a few fun examples for alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree.

Via swissmiss

Cho-Cho Railway Cake


The cake train is something that could have come straight out of the story of Hansel and Gretel. The Railway Cake Pan from NordicWare is made out of non-stick interior which allows you to make a nine-car train with a lot of fine details. It looks very cool and must be great fun to decorate. There are no limits to the ornamental ingredients you can use to make the train look spectacular.


Robotic Christmas Ornaments from Gump’s


These robotic Christmas decorations from Gump’s are inspired by classic science-fiction robots. The first one is kind of like a square version of the Star Wars robot C-3PO, with big red lips and lots of jewels!

Colorful and fun Christmas decorations which will give the Christmas tree a humoristic feel. The decorations are made of glass and hand painted with glittering details all over. I know I would love to decorate a Christmas tree with these guys! I only wish there was a robotic style star to top the tree with.

Gump’s also offerss a limited edition tin dragon suitable for children 10 and older and the musical Ferris Wheel in Victorian style. The Ferris Wheel plays 15 Christmas carols as well as 15 year-round classics. It works like a real Ferris Wheel with both wheels rotating and the arm turning.