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4 Companies With Merino Wool Products For Children

Merino wool textiles have some fantastic characteristics that makes them the perfect textile for children.

Merino wool textiles are stretchy, soft, comfortable, it absorbs moisture, stays warm even when it’s wet, is cool in summer and warm in winter, it’s odor resistant, naturally fire retardant and environmentally friendly.

In short merino wool textiles are natural, very comfortable and safe. What more can you want from the textile you put next to the skin of your children?

Here’s four companies who makes merino wool products for children:

  • Baby Love Merino makes beautiful and colorful clothing, wraps, beanies, blankets and sleeping bags for babies and children.
  • MaM makes a nice merino wool line of essentials like booties, bodysuits, elephant hoods, mittens, long sleeve shirts and leggings. MaM distributors.
  • Disana also makes children’s products from merino wool. To mention a few of their products: diapers, clothing, nursing pads, blankets and sleeping pads. My favorite is their beautiful thin, knitted merino wool blankets. This blanket is sold in the US by Flowering Child, amongst others.

There are many more products and producers out there, so if you’ve tried a great merino wool product, please share in a comment!

ThinkGeek – Geek Toys for Geeky Types

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ThinkGeek is one of my favourite webshops. ThinkGeek is a webshop dedicated to geeky and fun toys and apparel. Their target audience is the geekier people, the IT crowd – basicly anyone you’d consider a little bit “brainy”.


At ThinkGeek they’ve got apparel for children, gadgets, electronics and more. The products cover areas such as Star Wars, Zombies, Linux and Gaming. Many of the products are also very suitable for adults – especially if you’ve got a spouse working in the IT industry.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a child they’ve got a whole section you can browse through.

Should you know someone who’s very into playing World of Warcraft or other types of role playing games a good gift idea would be these health energy potions pictured on the left. Loaded with caffeine which is a gamers fuel but they also contain elderberry and ginseng and are void of sugar.

Linen Kids – Linen Clothes and Accessories for Children


Linen Kids have a charming selection of good quality hand made linen- and woolen products made from natural materials.

Most of Linen Kids products are hand made, or has hand made details. The rest is made in limited editions, and all are made with great attention to quality.

As the name Linen Kids might suggest most of the products are made of linen, which is a very comfortable and cool natural textile. The autumn-winter collections features some garments made of pure wool.

In the Linen Kids store you’ll find clothes, toys, towels, bedding, christening gowns and christening cloaks, amongst other products. It is possible to have name and date embroidered on several of the christening products.

Linen Kids offers A Life More Interestings readers a 10% discount when using the code LK-ALMI-T10P during checkout.







Muddy Cloud – Matching Plush Toys, Mittens and Hats

muddy_cloud_baby_plushies Muddy Cloud’s colorful plush toys are so simple, cute and colorful, they make me smile.

The simple shapes, contrasting colors and texture, of these plushies, gives them developmental value, and their sizes and shapes makes them perfect pillows for the little ones.

At the time of writing there are four different plush toys available, and they all have matching hats and mittens!

Dolls are 18.00 USD, sets (containing hat and mittens) are 32.00 USD, hats are 22.00 USD and mittens are 14.00 USD at Muddy Cloud.

Atypyk Super Hero Hat

A little Christmas gift idea to keep the kids warm: Atypyks new Super Hero hat! It’s made in black polar fleece and comes in size 6-10 years old.

Buy the Super Hero hat in Atypyks online store for 14.00 EURO or 19.60 USD.

zebi baby Bum Covers

Have a look at these adorable zebi baby diaper covers. They come in eight different patterns, are 100% cotton and have a rear pocket with snap fastener closure. The zebi baby “Bum Covers” are perfect for a hot summer day!