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Branch Holder – A tiny rubber piece transforms a stick into a sword

Branch Holder is one of designer Naama Agassis projects, which is based on a childhood memory, a memory of children’s ability to make something out of nothing.

Branch Holder is a small piece of rubber with a hole in each end. Put a stick through both holes and the stick is transformed into a sword with the rubber piece acting as the knuckle guard. A generously simple toy that encourages the children to use their imagination. It is available in blue, black, orange, red and green.

Topozoo – a World Filled with Fun Assemble Toy Animals

Topozoo is a world filled with fun assemble toy animals. These toys come in sets with parts for one, two or three animals, and the children choose to assemble these parts into traditional animals, or their very own fantasy animals.

At this point Topozoo has a safari series, a dinosaur series, a monster series, a spring series, a unicorn, a dragon, an owl and two series that children can colour themselves.

Topozoo toys are developed to stimulate creativity and imagination, eco-friendly and made in the USA. Suitable for children 3 years and older.

Flatout Frankie Cardboard Toys – Toys that can be Painted and Drawn on

Toys that can be painted and drawn on is in my opinion some of the very best toys, as they inspire children to use their imagination.

Flatout Frankie makes a series of simple cardboard (100% recyclable) toys decorated with plain white minimalistic details.

Currently the Flatout Frankies series of cardboard toys consists of an oven, a plane, a princess castle and a dollhouse, and another great thing about these toys is that they can be flat packed for storage and traveling.

Geemo – Flexible Alien-like Magnet Toy

Geemo is an alien-like magnetic toy with flexible arms that can grab- or repel each other.

Kids have to use their fantasy and be creative when playing with Geemo. The possibilities this toy offers are great as you can make some really huge structures.

Geemo is made under strict quality standards, is non-toxic and washable. It’s available at Brooklyn Juniors Supermarket shop and costs 42.00 USD.

Villa Julia – Cardboard Playhouse from Magis

This is Magis’ wonderful cardboard playhouse named Villa Julia.

Villa Julia is adorned with black cartoonish lines showing important details like the doorknob and separating the foundation wall stones and structure. The cardboard is a canvas, ready to be coloured and drawn on by it’s new inhabitants.

The Spanish designer Javier Mariscal is the mastermind behind Villa Julia. He has worked with Magis on their Magis Me Too products several times before.

Villa Julia can be bought at Panik for 147.00 GBP.


Paper Craft Toys – Links to Free Fun


New paper craft toys are constantly being developed, and now I think it’s time once again to have a look at some of the many free paper craft toys available.

  • Rommy No.02 – Cute robotlike paper craft character sitting down, made by Japanese paper engineer Tetsuya Watabe. Both paper craft toy and instructions are available for download.
  • Hoophy – Shin Tanakas hooded characters. Several artists have contributed to the development of Hoophy. David Flores, Superdeux and Skwak are amongst those who have designed their own versions.
  • Macula – Christopher Bonettes many characters are very different from each other, and they are all available for download at his site. There are, amongst others, a deer, holiday characters and several different monsters. Both colored and blank templates available for many of the characters. Find all of Maculas paper craft characters at the top of the page.
  • Loulou – Several different character designs, all decorated using lovely color combinations. One of the characters is a slightly confused robot.
  • Marshall Alexander – Marshall Alexanders site is full of funny characters. He has a wonderfully clean and colorful way of decorating his paper toys. Two of my favorites are Bite Me (screaming lady and shark), and PaperBoy (boy and dog with cardboard boxes over their heads.)
  • Horrorwoods Calling All Cars – Blank template of a car with a driver. Decorate your own version and share it with the world by sending it in! It will be made available for free download at some point. Keep an eye on the Horrorwood blog if you’d like to keep yourself updated on the latest entries.
  • Nanibird – Small birds in lovely colors. There are five collections containing several versions. See all Nanibirds under “The Birds” in the right side of the site.
  • My Little Cthulhu – Frenchman Jerome has made a paper craft version of John Kovalic’s squid-like monster. This character is available in green, orange and black.
  • Mecha – Paper model of Mecha, a robot from the popular Japanese anime series Space Runaway Ideon. This model consists of many small parts!

A tip: Draw any template onto blank paper, thereby creating your own blank templates, and decorate as you’d like! Use you imagination! Just remember that it is someone else’s creation you’re playing with, so play with it at home, but think twice before using it for other purposes!