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Eco friendly rubber animals made from recycled tires

Peruvian brand Rika uses recycled tires, cardboard and bottles in the production of their eco friendly designs. Rubber Animals is a series of toy animals made from recycled tires and consists of a gorilla, a giraf, a pig, an elephant and a sheep.

If you like this you might want to check out Pangolin which I’ve written about before.






Combined Stacking and Puzzle Toy With Several Different Degrees of Difficulty

By making two pieces out of each stacking ring, Buchi has created a beautifully simple combined stacking and puzzle toy with several different degrees of difficulty.

The stacking rings are made out of a cross and a surrounding square, which fit perfectly together. The first challenges will be to put the squares onto the crosses and to put the crosses onto the stick. The next challenge will be putting the squares onto the crosses after having placed the crosses onto the stick first.

Besides being a clever toy it is also very simple and beautiful and could be perfect as nursery decoration.

Young mad scientist’s alphabet building blocks – different, decorative and interesting

The Etsy store Xylocopa Design has this set of different, decorative and interesting alphabet blocks, featuring six “mad scientist concepts”. Each alphabet block is adorned by six detailed laser engraved illustrations and letters.

Woodbees – Designer toys, collectors items and decoration for the kids room

Woodbees are colorful bees made out of wood – a product of a collaboration between the talented toy designer Pepe Hiller and the artist Lunabee (Sarah Miskelly).

Woodbees are handmade designer toys and limited edition collectors items. They’ll look amazing as decoration for the nursery, kids room or for the living room of playful adults of all ages.

Pepe Hillers has uploaded a series of inspiring images of how the Woodbees are made. A few of which can be seen in this article. Perhaps some of our readers will feel inspired to create something similar with their children after seeing these images.


Old fashioned handmade stuffed toy animals

nikoki creates stuffed toy animals with big personalities and an old fashion look. These stuffed toy animals are handmade and several of them have been adorned with embroidery details, like the Rock ‘n’ Roll bear and the sailor bear, which both have gotten their very own tattoos.

Gorgeous Diecast Model Cars

What to give the boy who has everything? How about a diecast model car with lots of details?

A boy who appreciates cars, quality and details will love to receive a small replica car model of his favorite brand. Obviously we’re not going to discriminate here. If you have a girl who loves cars I’m sure she’ll appreciate a one of these cars just as much and perhaps even take better care of them as well.

Diecast Car Models have an impressive amount of models in different sizes from several car brands. It ought to be possible to find your boys or girls favorite car amongst their selection although it might take a few hours since you can easily get lost just browsing around.