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Recycled Fold-up Cardboard Animals

Polish label Paperowe Miasto has created a series of cardboard fold-up toys made out of recycled cardboard. Their latest edition is a set that contains 20 different animals, which are said to be easy to fold-up and durable.





Christmas Gift Ideas – Board Games

Why not make one of this years gifts one that will give the family some quality time and fun during the holidays? Board games might end up giving the whole family some great memories. Here are a few examples of fun board games from our product finder.

Froggy Boogie

The concept of Froggy Boogie is inspired by the ability of parents to have eyes in the back of their heads, and knowing everything the kids are doing. So in this game the frog kids are supposed to get around the board, which of course is a pond, without being detected by the adult.

Skills needed for playing are color recognition and memory skills. The game is for children age four and up.

Lutso – Is a brain game which older kids will love, as they take turns placing their marbles strategically on the board. At the same time they’ll have to look out for marble patterns that matches one of their shapes, and watch out not to make patterns that fits the opponents shapes.

Marrakech Game – a fictional rug market, that teaches strategy and decision making. The players take turn rolling the dice and moving the market organiser, Assam. If Assam stops on free space the player can place one of their rugs on the space. If he stops on an opponent’s rug though, the player will have to pay the owner of rug owner some money. The idea is to have most rugs places on the board at the end of the game.


WorryWoo Monsters – Stories and plush toys helping kids deal with emotions

Helping kids deal with their emotions can be difficult, and incorporating emotions in play is a very good way for kids to learn how to talk about their feelings and build confidence.

The award winning WorryWoo Monsters are characters made with this in mind – cute characters that embodies one emotion each. A story book and a plush toy is available for each character, and I’m sure many kids will appreciate having a plush toy friend who’s dealing with the same difficult emotions that they themselves are.

There are six emotional characters available; Nola The Monster of Loneliness, Rue The Monster of Insecurity, Fuddle The Monster of Confusion, Squeek The Monster of Innocence, Wince The Monster of Worry, and last but not least Twitch The Monster of Frustration, which will be available this fall.

Clump-o-lump – Stuffed Animals With Exchangeable Parts

Clump-o-lump is a fantastic concept that allows children to create their own fantasy  animal by taking a series of stuffed animals apart and putting the different parts together as they wish.

The Clump-o-lump family is (at this point) a family of six stuffed animals – Tig-o the Tiger, Squid-o the Squid, Bee-o the Bee, Bird-o the Bird, Shark-o the Shark and Frog-o the Frog. All of which are made out of three parts connected by zippers. All parts are easily detached each other, allowing the children to exchange parts and assemble all sorts of funny looking creatures.

With a bunch of these animals one can make a very cool and long wormy creature, by putting a lot of middle parts together! Oh, and don’t you just love the fantastic spine detail visible in all the creatures when they are taken appart? I do!

Branch Holder – A tiny rubber piece transforms a stick into a sword

Branch Holder is one of designer Naama Agassis projects, which is based on a childhood memory, a memory of children’s ability to make something out of nothing.

Branch Holder is a small piece of rubber with a hole in each end. Put a stick through both holes and the stick is transformed into a sword with the rubber piece acting as the knuckle guard. A generously simple toy that encourages the children to use their imagination. It is available in blue, black, orange, red and green.

Rufus Rabbit Pull Along – Pull Along Toy, Squeaker, Bell, Rattle and Puzzle in One

One of the most adorable pull along toys I’ve ever seen is Silver Cross’ “Rufus Rabbit Pull Along“, a soft fabric rabbit pushing a wobbling cart full of removable vegetables, which actually work together to form a puzzle. The toy includes some pretty neat features; the carrot contains a bell, the cauliflower contains a rattle, the beetroot contains a squeaker and the rabbits head turns. A lot of fun for one toy!