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Custom Handpainted Vans For Kids


Tony Price makes custom hand painted Vans for kids.

Tony Price’s art is alive and full of fresh harmonizing colours. The images in this article shows some of the shoes he has made, and gives a good idea of his style.

If you are interested in a pair of hand painted Vans you can send Price detailed sketches or even just single words, like for example “Ladybug”, and Price will use it as an inspiration when designing your shoe.

Tony Prices hand painted Vans in kids sizes cost 100.00 USD. Adult sizes cost 150.00 USD.




Hippie Fashion

Free People is an online store, and a brand, offering fabulous clothing, accessories and shoes, with a sort of modern hippie look.

My favorite part of their site is the selection of stylish sunglasses. The use of color and round feminine shapes in their glasses are so lovely, and it makes me daydream of summer flirts, sunny beaches and road trips.

What’s so great about the Free People store is that it offers everything you need for the “hippie style”, so you’ll have no problem finding what you need to make your own fabulous outfit. If you lack inspiration, or have problems seeing how the different pieces will go together, Free People have made a selection of whole outfits. Click on the outfit you like and choose which parts of it you’d like to buy. Could it be any easier?

The Free People clothing are made in adult sizes.


Gucio Shoes


The Gucio shoe is a truly remarkable shoe for children. It was made out of love for children, and with the intent to make the perfect shoe for them. It probably is, in fact it is the first shoe that adapts to the child’s heel preventing discomfort in this problem aerea.

The Polish company S?awomir Piwowarczyk, which has its name from the shoemaker who founded it and invented the Gucio, is also the producer of this handmade shoe.

Instead of making lots of different shoes, Piwowarczyk wanted to make one perfect shoe, the Gucio, and keep improving it for the comfort of small feet. All the work and dedication to this shoe has made it what he intended it to be, and this achievement has been recognized by CLPO (Central Laboratory of Shoe Industry) in Krakow, Poland, from which he has received the “Healthy Foot” certificate for.

The Gucio shoe is constructed from thin natural leather which is very flexible and gentle to a childs feet. The sole is made out of flexible non-slip elastic rubber, and the wide shape of the sole results in plenty of room inside the shoe. There is also an air cushion placed beneath the heel to absorb shock and make walking and running more comfortable.

Gucio comes in several fun colors. The dye used for them are non-toxic and only applied to the outside of the shoe, so the foot will not be in direct contact with the dyed parts.

The Gucio is available in several colors at Chloe in Style, who also has lots of stylish clothes and accessories to go with the shoes.