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Young mad scientist’s alphabet building blocks – different, decorative and interesting

The Etsy store Xylocopa Design has this set of different, decorative and interesting alphabet blocks, featuring six “mad scientist concepts”. Each alphabet block is adorned by six detailed laser engraved illustrations and letters.

Spoonful Design – Handmade Bamboo Wall Art

New Zealand based Spoonful Design develops beautiful unique wall art, that is handmade in New Zealand using sustainable bamboo and cotton thread. All motifs used for their wall art is based on Spoonful Designs own original illustrations, which I personally am absolutely crazy about.

The Ultimate Play Set – Beautiful Organic Wooden Toys from Smiling Tree Toys

Smiling Tree Toys’ “The Ultimate Play Set” really is what is says – an ultimate play set. This wooden play set will make an excellent gift for a christening, for newborns and for baby- and toddler birthdays.

Smiling Tree Toys wooden wonders are made out of simple shapes, which are not only beautiful, but also perfect for triggering the children’s imagination.

The Ultimate Play Set consists of a flatbed toy truck, a slide, eight wooden people and twenty building blocks in various sizes and shapes.

All pieces are handmade from walnut and maple hardwoods, sanded to a silky smooth surface, and finished with local beeswax and organic flaxseed oil. The Ultimate Play Set is, like all Smiling Tree Toys toys, eco-friendly and non toxic.

A bit about Smiling Tree Toys – It is a small Minnesota based family business, which develops organic wooden toys in their own little workshop. Their wooden toys are sold through their Etsy store, and they donate a portion of the profits from every wooden toy sold to youth development projects.

Eco-Friendly Convertible Cribs

Convertible cribs are a good investment since they allow you to convert them into other pieces of furniture (usually a toddler bed) as the baby grows. You’ll save both money and time by buying a convertible crib and therefore you might want to find a really nice crib, as it’ll be with you for a long time.

Here are two eco-friendly and very practical convertible cribs that you might want to take into consideration.

Most of us know of Stokkes Trip Trap chair which has followed many children and childrens children through their childhoods. Stokke Sleepi is the Trip Trap of convertible cribs. I’ll go as far as considering it the king of convertible cribs!

The Stokke Sleepi is four beds and two chairs in one. It starts out as a mini crib or bassinet suitable for infants and small babies (0-6 months). When the baby has outgrown the mini crib it can be converted into an baby crib (0-18 months), thereafter it converts into a toddler bed (18 months – 3 years), and at last it converts into a junior bed (3-10 years).

When the Stokke® Sleepi™ has outdone its use as a bed it can be converted into two chairs!

After 10 years  or more with Stokke® Sleepi™ I would not be surprised if the children one day would like to use it for their own children, so make sure to keep it safely stored away when not in use.

Another practical convertible crib is the Argington Bam Bassinet, which has a clean look that will suit most nurseries.

The Argington Bam Bassinet starts out as a bassinet or mini crib suitable for infants and small babies. It converts into a large baby crib for larger babies, and at last it converts into a toddler bed. It can not be converted into a junior bed and chairs, like the Stokke Sleepi can though.

Product discontinued.

Little Sapling Toys – Natural Wooden Toys Made in the USA

Little Sapling Toys – Natural wooden toys, designed, handmade and tested by a little family business in Idaho.

Among their toys you’ll find lots and lots of different silhouette teething toys (12.00 USD), wooden cars (two for 24.00 USD) and a wooden bowling set (35.00 USD)

The surface and edges of all these wooden toys are smooth, and the surface is treated with a blend of local beeswax and organic jojoba oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

Little Sapling Toys focuses on the environment and uses wood produced according to FSC guidelines. These guidelines ensures sustainable forestry.

Each time someone purchases a wooden toy from Little Sapling Toys, one tree is planted through Trees for the Future! That is nice!

Rockid – Rocking Chair and Cradle in One

So smart, practical, simple and cute! A rocking chair and cradle in one. The dutch Rockid could be a sleep deprived parents best friend.

Instead of sitting beside the cradle rocking it with your hands, you can simply sit in the rocking chair part of the Rockid with one hand on the baby in the cradle part, rocking yourself and the baby to sleep with your feet!

Or…imagine sitting on the front porch reading in the rocking chair, automatically rocking the cradle with your sleeping baby.

This piece of furniture really brings up some romantic images… only one thing I’d like to change about it – I’d love to see some good head support on that rocking chair.

Tha Rockid is made by Dutch Ontwerpduo.