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Grou – The Coat Rack that Grows with the Children

A lot of furniture can be changed as the children grow up. Menuts Grou is a very clever one of such.

Grou is a minimalistic tree that functions as a coat rack. All the knobs can be moved around the tree, as the children grows.

Decorative Mirrors by Adorning Al

I think children’s mirrors should be both adorning and useful, and I’m therefore naturally fond of how Australia based Adorning Al makes their mirrors in cute shapes with cut out details. They create both small and large mirrors, as well as mirror wall art and letter mirrors.

Woodbees – Designer toys, collectors items and decoration for the kids room

Woodbees are colorful bees made out of wood – a product of a collaboration between the talented toy designer Pepe Hiller and the artist Lunabee (Sarah Miskelly).

Woodbees are handmade designer toys and limited edition collectors items. They’ll look amazing as decoration for the nursery, kids room or for the living room of playful adults of all ages.

Pepe Hillers has uploaded a series of inspiring images of how the Woodbees are made. A few of which can be seen in this article. Perhaps some of our readers will feel inspired to create something similar with their children after seeing these images.


Bambi children’s chair from Kamina&C

Inspired by the rather famous Disney movie, japanese designer Kamina&Cs has made the “Bambi chair” – a small and charming chair which will look great in any nursery or childrens room.

Trunki Travel ToyBox – Ride On Toy, Rocking Toy and Toy Storage

Trunki is exceptionally good at designing fun, functional and practical storage solutions for kids. One of their newest solutions is the Trunki Travel ToyBox, which is a storage box made for traveling with toys. It’s not only a storage box though, as it can also be used as a ride on toy and a rocking toy.

Turning the Trunki Travel ToyBox upside down is the only thing needed to make it a ride on toy. Each box has small rubber tongues, with which they can be connected to other boxes to create a ride on toy train and if the lid is turned upside down we get a rocking toy.

Its shape makes it easy to stack when used as storage, and comfortable for kids to sit on when used as toy and travel storage.

Spoonful Design – Handmade Bamboo Wall Art

New Zealand based Spoonful Design develops beautiful unique wall art, that is handmade in New Zealand using sustainable bamboo and cotton thread. All motifs used for their wall art is based on Spoonful Designs own original illustrations, which I personally am absolutely crazy about.