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Alternative Lullaby Music for Children + Giveaway!


Good news for those of us who are fans of music from bands such as U2, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and The Beatles and want to introduce this music to our children.

Rockaby Baby! transforms punk, metal and timeless rock into instrumental lullabies by trading guitars and drums for soothing mellotrons, vibraphones and bells. The music becomes soft enough for the little ones, yet the melody stays the same.

When I first heard about the idea I found myself with an expression of disbelief. Wouldn’t this ruin the music?

I heard some short bits of music provided at the Rockabye Baby! website and two albums that was sent to me – More Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles og Lullaby Renditions of Tool.

I was pleasantly surprised, as they seem to be able to stay in tune (no pun intended) with the soul of the songs whilst changing it radically in order to make it sound just like a lullaby. What they do really works and it is music I would recommend to any music loving parent.

Rockabye Baby! has made 28 lullaby albums until now, with music from bands like U2, Metallica, Rolling Stones and AC/DC.

All Rockabye Baby! albums can be bought through their website for 16,98 USD.


Price: One lucky winner will be able to download one album of their choice from Rockabye Baby!

What do you have to do?: Simply tell us who’s your favorite musician/band in a comment to this article.

Deadline: The giveaway ends November 30th 2009.

PS: Your e-mail addresses will not be used for anything but this giveaway, and it will not be visible to other readers.

Beautiful Wooden Toys

I love wooden toys, especially wooden toys of high quality that can be passed down from generation to generation. Here is a list of a few of my favorite wooden toys.

Pastel Toys

Pastel Toys are heirloom quality wooden toys handmade by disabled adults pastel_toys1.jpgat their own self-sustaining community, a kibbutz, in Israel. It is quite a special community which manages to make the life of these disabled adults rich and meaningful by giving them work they can manage, somewhere to live and support from a community of people with similar situations as their own. So Pastel Toys are not only beautiful fresh colored wooden toys, but also a product of a community well worth supporting. Many of Pastel Toys products can be found at Giggle. (Enter “Pastel Toys” in the search field.)


Pintoy construction toys look beautiful with their natural and painted wood. pintoys_crane.jpgThere is everything needed to create a great big construction site in this series; a crane, a digger, a dumper truck, loaders, trailers, a set of construction equipments consisting of pneumatic drills, compactor and Compressor, wheelbarrow, pick and shovel, 2 traffic cones and 2 barriers. There is also a set of workers consisting of three workers and a Forman.

Heirloom Rattles

A nice wooden heirloom rattle, that will last a lifetime and can be inherited by the baby’s own kids, and grandkids, in the future, is priceless. The walnut wood rattle from Nico & Zoe and the handmade heirloom hardwood rattle from A Toy Garden, are both simple, beautiful rattles made by natural wood, with round shapes and smooth surfaces. These are greatheirloom_rattles.jpg ideas for baby gifts if you’d like the gift to stay in the kid’s family for generations.


Ostheimer keeps the feel and look of wood in their toys, by only applying transparent paints and not totally rounding the figures edges. The surfaces of the toys are still smooth and soft to handle. Ostheimer wants kids to use and develop their imaginative abilities when playing with their toys, and this is why the silhouettes of all the figures are simple, and the details are very few. In this way they create a perfect environment for the kids to play in, without giving all the details, so the kids mind will work on creating their own little world for the figures! Ostheimers figures can be found at Myriad Natural Toys & Crafts. The Nativity story figures could make perfect gifts for the advent calendar, resulting in a beautiful Nativity scenery Chritmas eve.


The well-known company Sevi has long traditions in making quality toys. Amongst their selection in wooden toys they have series of musical instruments. The instruments are colorful and full of cute details.


Eco-friendly Wooden Puzzle Toys

The smooth, round edged wooden puzzle toys from Craftbury Kids are so elegant end cute, and will look fantastic on the shelf if the nursery or kids room. The natural wood is beautiful, but if you desire some colors, you could paint the different pieces in different colors of tox-free paint yourself! These puzzle toys  are available in Pig, Tortoise, Rabbit, Lion, Cow with calf, Ocean with boat and fishes and Farmhouse with animals and a field with trees.

Plan Toys

Plan Toys in general are great toys. I love the look of Plan Toys, and the attention the company gives to detail in their toys. They simply make beautiful designed children’s toys with a very modern touch. Oompa Toys has a great selection of Plan Toys.

TOPlays Smart and Safe Earphones

practical safe earphones

Many of us enjoy hearing music while cycling or walking around in traffic. This is potentially risky because the earphones makes it hard to hear what’s going on around you. TOPlays new earphones solves this problem.

TOPlays earphones make it possible to hear everything that’s going on around you, while listening to music. This is due to the fact that the earphones are fastened to the earlobe instead of being put directly into the ear. This feature also makes the ear pressure minimal, and protects the children’s hearing.

TOPlays earphones come in simple white-, black- and silver designs, as well as the more child friendly skull-, football- and panda designs. You can buy them at ME-WE SHOP at $39.98 and $44.88 USD.


Trousselier Wooden Music Boxes


Trousseliers wooden music boxes are not only fun toys but also very decorative and colorful, which makes them fine decorative pieces for the kid’s room or the nursery. They are made out of wood and painted in lively complementary and contrasting colors making them stimulating to look at for small kids. The simple and clean design is very modern but there is also a feeling of heirloom quality over the Trousselier musical boxes.

The boxes are magnetic and this causes the two figures on top of each box to dance to the rhythm of soft and relaxing music when it is winded up.

Rocking Horse Snow Globe Music Box

rocking_horse_snow_globeThe rocking horse snow globe from RedEnvelope has a fairy tale feeling over it. The sweet little spinning rocking horse surrounded by falling snow gives off a nice and calm feeling. Together with “Rock-a-Bye Baby” which the snow globe plays, will bring many a small baby into a world of pleasant dreams.

The silver plated base of the snow globe can be engraved with the child’s name and birthday, which makes it an ideal Christmas or christening gift. Exclusive, personal and very sweet.

iPulse Bear iPod Speakers

iPulse_bear_speakersThese speakers are something that will brighten up the face of any small child or teenage girl. The iPulse Bear speaker is not only a cute teddy bear containing a speaker system but also offers a spectacular light show to accompany the music. The “toes” on the bears paws are LED lights that lights up and “dances” to the beat of the music, and the eyes glow. The iPod dock is placed inside a pouch on the bears belly where he keeps it safe and protected.

To turn on the iPulse Bear you just have to give his paw a squeeze. The cute bear is made out of hi-tech mesh fabric, and the overall impression of it is therefore not to cuddly, and it matches the design of the iPod very well. The bear comes in white and brown, but the brown version has fur, so the overall look is a quite different.