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Flatout Frankie Cardboard Toys – Toys that can be Painted and Drawn on

Toys that can be painted and drawn on is in my opinion some of the very best toys, as they inspire children to use their imagination.

Flatout Frankie makes a series of simple cardboard (100% recyclable) toys decorated with plain white minimalistic details.

Currently the Flatout Frankies series of cardboard toys consists of an oven, a plane, a princess castle and a dollhouse, and another great thing about these toys is that they can be flat packed for storage and traveling.

Custom Cartoon Portrait of the Kids

How about a funny cartoon portrait of the kids to adorn the livingroom wall instead of the usual pretty photographs?

Designer and Illustrator Ryan Feerer creates funny personal cartoon portraits of people and their favorite things based on a photo.

Underneath is a couple of examples of portraits which Ryan Feerer has made for Randy and Brent.

You can get your cartoon portrait at Ryan Feerers website (contact him for price).

This is Randy. He’s into coffee and cookies and sharp dressing.

This is Brent. His favorite things are this t-shirt and his old tricycle.

Personalized Unique Retro Rubber Stamps for Children


Remember when you were a child and had to write your name in all your schoolbooks? If you’ve saved some of those books you might scoff a bit at the childish handwriting, especially if it was a book you really loved.

My Retro Baby to the rescue! If you have young children already in school or soon to be enrolled you can have them stamp their stuff with these rubber stamps. It looks nicer and is more fun. There are lots of different “faces” available for these stamps, e.g. with glasses, freckles, plaits or afro and you can of course personalize the stamp with the name of your child.

The retro rubber stamps cost $ 24.00.

The Frog and The Princess – Luxury Children’s Boutique + Giveaway

The Frog and the Princess is an online store filled with luxury for children. They’ve got a great selection of furniture, unique and personalized products, tutus, shoes, decor and accessories for the childrens room.

The selection of tutus is superb, containing a great number of tutus and tutu costumes of different colors and shapes. Amongst the costumes you’ll find a ladybug costume, a mermaid costume and several princess- and fairy costumes. Some of the tutus can be personalized with the child’s name and the price is between $35 and $410 USD.

Two of my favorite items in The Frog and the Princess store is the Pumpkin Iron Carriage Crib, which looks like something straight out of a fairytale, and the Swarovski crystal baby hat which is adorned with the baby’s initial in Swarovski crystals. The hat would go perfectly with a pair of Swarovski adorned shoes and the Initial Bling Bling Rattle.

The price of the Pumpkin Iron Carriage Crib is a mere $4500 USD (free shipping though!), the baby hat costs $22 USD, the Swarowski adorned shoes cost between $109 and $134 USD and the Initial Bling Bling Rattle costs $98 USD.

Giveaway – $50 Gift Voucher!

The Frog and the Princess kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway, and will give one lucky winner a $50 gift voucher to their store!

Send an email marked “The Frog and the Princess” to marianne@alifemoreinteresting.com, together with your name, if you’d like a chance to win. Remember to send from an e-mail address that we can reply to, or provide a reply address in the email.

Last chance to enter the giveaway is August 31st.

Note: Your information will be used for this giveaway only, and will not be shared with anyone. Only US- and Canadian citizens can enter the giveaway, and only one submission from each household will be accepted.


E-glue Wall Decor


E-glue makes cool wall decoration stickers in lots of different designs, sizes and color combinations.

Their giga-KITs are phenomenal. They are, at the time being, available in savanna-, farm-, under water- and skeleton pirate themes. These kits are full of their fun designs, and maybe the best thing about them is the possibility to choose the color combinations yourself! There are several main colors and secondary colors to choose from, so there’s a good chance of finding colors which match the rest of the room. I would think the kids would love to get to choose the colors themselves as well!

E-glues also has a product called artiKIDS which allows for the customer to send in a kids drawing, which then can be made into wall decals! artiKIDS is, like the rest of e-glues decals, available in many different sizes.

Drop by e-glue for more information or to purchase their products.

Tummy Talk – A Practical Pregnacy Album


Tummy Talk LLC has made a wonderful pregnancy album. Unlike most other pregnacy books, which are either made for journaling, photos or memorabillia, the Tummy Talk allows you to keep all those memories in one place. A finished pregnancy book filled with precious memories is a great keepsake for the whole family.

The Tummy talk has a clean and fresh design and the fabric cover is adorned with a Tummy Talk logo and a handplaced swarowsky crystal. There are three fresh colors to choose from, a light blue, a light pink and a light peach version.

The inside of the book has no pre-printed medical information, so you are free to include only what you would like to include. The book contains 105 heavy-weight color pages which makes pasting memorabilia and inserting photos easy. It also contains three pieces of paper meant to be used as the first letter to the baby, and there is even a special cover pocket for this letter.

There are also three pieces of scrapbook cut-outs which can be used to adorn the pages of the album. The book has sections for pregnancy stories, doctor’s visits, weekly journaling, baby shower and birth details. Each section has their own tab with its own color for easy navigation, and each tab has a practical pocket.

The Tummy talk pregnancy album is made in the U.S.A. and it is made to be durable, which such a book should be if it is to keep the memories safe for a long time, so the kids can enjoy reading it and looking through it as adults.

There is much more information about the pregnancy album at Tummy Talk, where it can also be purchased.