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Grou – The Coat Rack that Grows with the Children

A lot of furniture can be changed as the children grow up. Menuts Grou is a very clever one of such.

Grou is a minimalistic tree that functions as a coat rack. All the knobs can be moved around the tree, as the children grows.

TrackTile Tables – Tables with Wooden Toy Train Tracks

No room for the toy train tracks at home? How about combining the dining room table with endless wooden train tracks? TrackTile Tables does just that!

TrackTile Tables have surfaces that are made out of tiles, which are plain on one side and has wooden BRIO toy train tracks on the other side. You simply turn the tiles over, and you get at table filled with endless toy train tracks. Quite a space saver.

The tables are unique and handmade to put a new spin on fine dining, but they are just perfect for the kids, don’t you think?

I find it very clever, as the dining room table often functions as a play area anyway…..and I can just imagine having a birthday party around this table, and being able to serve treats by sending the treat-train around the table!

Pangolin – An Environmentally Friendly Backpack

Pangolin is an anatomically shaped backpack, made partially from recycled inner tubes (from truck tires). There are two versions available of this backpack – a purple (girl) model and an orange (boy) model.

The Pangolin backpacks are handmade in Colombia, by people with a social disadvantage, who are offered good working conditions and a pay that is higher than usual for their work.

I love concepts that incorporate recycling with a social responsibility plus they look really cool too.

WorryWoo Monsters – Stories and plush toys helping kids deal with emotions

Helping kids deal with their emotions can be difficult, and incorporating emotions in play is a very good way for kids to learn how to talk about their feelings and build confidence.

The award winning WorryWoo Monsters are characters made with this in mind – cute characters that embodies one emotion each. A story book and a plush toy is available for each character, and I’m sure many kids will appreciate having a plush toy friend who’s dealing with the same difficult emotions that they themselves are.

There are six emotional characters available; Nola The Monster of Loneliness, Rue The Monster of Insecurity, Fuddle The Monster of Confusion, Squeek The Monster of Innocence, Wince The Monster of Worry, and last but not least Twitch The Monster of Frustration, which will be available this fall.

Jellyface Designer Toy Pillows

I love designer toy pillows because they are practical, cool and so cuddly. Jellyface designs several collections of limited edition designer toys and several of them are pillow shaped.

All the toys from Jellyface have the same history. They are sea creatures who had to flea the ocean due to pollution, and are trying to find a home on dry land. They look cute, but might have a dark side…

Jellyface designer toys are 100% handmade in Italy.

Bambi children’s chair from Kamina&C

Inspired by the rather famous Disney movie, japanese designer Kamina&Cs has made the “Bambi chair” – a small and charming chair which will look great in any nursery or childrens room.