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Topozoo – a World Filled with Fun Assemble Toy Animals

Topozoo is a world filled with fun assemble toy animals. These toys come in sets with parts for one, two or three animals, and the children choose to assemble these parts into traditional animals, or their very own fantasy animals.

At this point Topozoo has a safari series, a dinosaur series, a monster series, a spring series, a unicorn, a dragon, an owl and two series that children can colour themselves.

Topozoo toys are developed to stimulate creativity and imagination, eco-friendly and made in the USA. Suitable for childrenĀ 3 years and older.

Geemo – Flexible Alien-like Magnet Toy

Geemo is an alien-like magnetic toy with flexible arms that can grab- or repel each other.

Kids have to use their fantasy and be creative when playing with Geemo. The possibilities this toy offers are great as you can make some really huge structures.

Geemo is made under strict quality standards, is non-toxic and washable. It’s available at Brooklyn Juniors Supermarket shop and costs 42.00 USD.

Creature Mix – Cartoon Animals With Interchangeable Parts


Creature Mix by MGA Entertainment is a series of vinyl toys with interchangeable body parts. There are 12 fun animals to collect, all with nice cartoonish shapes, fresh colors and clean cartoon like patterns.

Creature Mix are sold in groups of three or as singles. When sold as singles each pack includes extra parts and when sold as groups there are four various groups to choose from;

  • Panda, Lion and Rhinoceros
  • Gorilla, Giraffe and Pig
  • Elephant, Zebra and Hyena
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Pterodactyl.

creature_mix_interchanged.jpgAll the animals have interchangeable noses, airs, legs and tails, and anyone lucky enough to have all 12 will have a huge amount of parts to choose from!

All four groups and a few singles are available at Amazon.com.

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Zolo Play Garden


Zolo Play Garden from Kushies is, like all the toys in the award winning Zolo range, a very engaging toy for babies.

The entire toy is made out of fabric and all the pieces are soft and comfortable for the baby to play with. Zolo Play Garden consists of a garden covered with green fabric grass and brown fabric dirt and eleven small soft shapes with magnets, which allows the baby to stack and build an imaginary garden. All the pieces and the garden itself are full of colors, shapes and patterns which stimulates the baby, and the building and stacking helps develop coordination and creative skills.

All the Zolo toys are very unusual looking and the shapes and figures are often more otherworldly than earth-like. This fact, the way the toys encourage engaging activities, the colors and all the patterns makes the Zolo toys lots of fun.

Zolo Play Garden is available at UncommonGoods.

Automoblox – Durable Heirloom Design Cars


Automoblox is not your normal toy car. These cars have a unique, simple and very cool design. They are made out of parts and can be taken apart and put together just like a real car. This allows you to design your own cars by taking existing cars apart, switch the parts around and put new cars together. For this you will of course need more than one of the Automoblox cars. The more cars you have, the more design possibilities you will have.

The body of the Automoblox car is made out of wood and under the hood you find the engine parts. These parts will help you combine any car that automobox_own_designyou would like to make. The engine parts and the car as a whole was made in cooperation with a child psychologist which has resulted in fun toys with a high educational value. Automoblox inspires creative and imaginative playing and helps develop skills as shape recognition, color matching and fine motor skills.

At Automoblox you can see the specifications for all the Automoblox car models. Each car has their own Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) just like real cars. This will surely increase their collectible value and it also allows you to register your cars online! The VIN contains information about your car. It can tell you the make, year, model, color, place of manufacture and what number your car was to roll of the assembly line.

It is possible to buy extra accessories that allows you to make any car into a 6 and 8 wheeler. This makes building Automoblox cars even more fun.

Automoblox has quite an unusual philosophy when it comes to the durability of their toys. It is unusual for mass producing toy companies to want anything other than cheap and effective production. Durability often gets very little attention. Automoblox’s philosophy is to make heirloom toys with a great durability. “It is better to have one great toy instead of 10 cheap ones.”. Automoblox wants children to bond strongly with their toys and hopes that they might want to keep them as they grow up and pass them on to their own kids. All the Automoblox car parts are incredibly strong. The wheels for example are nearly impossible to break. They are literally bulletproof!

You can read more about the Automoblox toy cars and purchase them at Automoblox.