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iPhone Monster Meter Detection App

$0.99 is all it will cost you to get a good night of sleep!

With the Monster Meter iPhone application you’ll be able to put little girls’ and boys’ minds at peace before bedtime. By using the monster detector you’ll be able to reveal any monsters hiding out in the kids bedroom. Genius!

Its a pretty neat iPhone application, with four different monster detection technologies to choose from. There’s a “safe mode”, that ensures no detection, and a mode where monster detection is possible. The last one is perfect for haunted house visits!

Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT USB Memory Stick


Sanrio will be working with Mimoco, amongst others, in the celebration of Hello Kittys 35th anniversary this fall.

In time for Hello Kittys anniversary on November 1st Mimoco will have designed and produced several different USB flash drives, and Hello Kitty will be the first to hit the stores, in early September.

Soon thereafter Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Kuromi, Keroppi, Chococat, and TuxedoSam will also show up in MIMOBOT form.

The line will be available for purchase at MIMOBOT.com and SANRIO.com, select SANRIO boutiques and other specialty retailers.


TOPlays Smart and Safe Earphones

practical safe earphones

Many of us enjoy hearing music while cycling or walking around in traffic. This is potentially risky because the earphones makes it hard to hear what’s going on around you. TOPlays new earphones solves this problem.

TOPlays earphones make it possible to hear everything that’s going on around you, while listening to music. This is due to the fact that the earphones are fastened to the earlobe instead of being put directly into the ear. This feature also makes the ear pressure minimal, and protects the children’s hearing.

TOPlays earphones come in simple white-, black- and silver designs, as well as the more child friendly skull-, football- and panda designs. You can buy them at ME-WE SHOP at $39.98 and $44.88 USD.


Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet

transformers_voice_changer_helmet.jpgOne of Hasbro’s cool Transformer movie tie-ins is the Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet, which changes the users voice to sound like Optimus Primes!

Besides changing the users voice the helmet has two other modes, one with sounds of Optimus Primes battle phrases and one with the sounds of Optimus Prime transforming.

The helmet fits adults (yay! ;)) and kids over five years of age. It can be bought through the Hasbro Toy Shop.

H-Racer Hydrogen Driven Toycar


The H-Racer toycar is a smart little car that runs on hydrogen. It is a fascinating toy which lets children experience new technology.

With the H-Racer comes a miniature refueling station that matches the cars design. When the car is in need of fuel, you just drive up to the refueling station and tank hydrogen like one would tank gas or diesel on a real car. By the use of a solar power the refueling station can produce all the hydrogen you’ll need for the H-Racer. The see through tank allows you to observe the hydrogen making process. It’s a brilliant idea and very engaging for the kids.

Product discontinued.

iPulse Bear iPod Speakers

iPulse_bear_speakersThese speakers are something that will brighten up the face of any small child or teenage girl. The iPulse Bear speaker is not only a cute teddy bear containing a speaker system but also offers a spectacular light show to accompany the music. The “toes” on the bears paws are LED lights that lights up and “dances” to the beat of the music, and the eyes glow. The iPod dock is placed inside a pouch on the bears belly where he keeps it safe and protected.

To turn on the iPulse Bear you just have to give his paw a squeeze. The cute bear is made out of hi-tech mesh fabric, and the overall impression of it is therefore not to cuddly, and it matches the design of the iPod very well. The bear comes in white and brown, but the brown version has fur, so the overall look is a quite different.