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Yoyos Made From Reclaimed Skateboards

Turns out old used-up skateboard decks can live on “forever” as toys! Jason Greene is an artist who takes advantage of the beautiful layers and colors of old skateboard decks, turning them into e.g. spin tops, yoyos and toy cars. All toys are handmade and unique. The appearance of each toy depends on the colours of the deck it’s made from.

Jason Greene sells his toys through his Etsy store. The yoyo from the picture below can be purchased at Branch.

Woodbees – Designer toys, collectors items and decoration for the kids room

Woodbees are colorful bees made out of wood – a product of a collaboration between the talented toy designer Pepe Hiller and the artist Lunabee (Sarah Miskelly).

Woodbees are handmade designer toys and limited edition collectors items. They’ll look amazing as decoration for the nursery, kids room or for the living room of playful adults of all ages.

Pepe Hillers has uploaded a series of inspiring images of how the Woodbees are made. A few of which can be seen in this article. Perhaps some of our readers will feel inspired to create something similar with their children after seeing these images.


Gorgeous Diecast Model Cars

What to give the boy who has everything? How about a diecast model car with lots of details?

A boy who appreciates cars, quality and details will love to receive a small replica car model of his favorite brand. Obviously we’re not going to discriminate here. If you have a girl who loves cars I’m sure she’ll appreciate a one of these cars just as much and perhaps even take better care of them as well.

Diecast Car Models have an impressive amount of models in different sizes from several car brands. It ought to be possible to find your boys or girls favorite car amongst their selection although it might take a few hours since you can easily get lost just browsing around.


Jason Freeny – Dissecting Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Care Bare and Raving Rabbid

Ever wonder what the likes of Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Care Bare and Raving Rabbid would look like inside if they were alive? Or had been…

Don’t know how Jason Freeny got the idea of dissecting toys and sculpting their bones and intestines, but turns out it’s not as disgusting as it might sound at first.

Freeny really makes the most wonderfully detailed and creative “reconstructions” of toys inner parts. I’m totally blown away by his creations and I’d love to own some of his works for sure.

Heres a bunch of examples of his dissecting work. Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, My Little Pony, Raving Rabbid, Care Bare and a Rubber Duck are amongst the lucky few who have now got their inners on display.

ThinkGeek – Geek Toys for Geeky Types

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ThinkGeek is one of my favourite webshops. ThinkGeek is a webshop dedicated to geeky and fun toys and apparel. Their target audience is the geekier people, the IT crowd – basicly anyone you’d consider a little bit “brainy”.


At ThinkGeek they’ve got apparel for children, gadgets, electronics and more. The products cover areas such as Star Wars, Zombies, Linux and Gaming. Many of the products are also very suitable for adults – especially if you’ve got a spouse working in the IT industry.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a child they’ve got a whole section you can browse through.

Should you know someone who’s very into playing World of Warcraft or other types of role playing games a good gift idea would be these health energy potions pictured on the left. Loaded with caffeine which is a gamers fuel but they also contain elderberry and ginseng and are void of sugar.

Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT USB Memory Stick


Sanrio will be working with Mimoco, amongst others, in the celebration of Hello Kittys 35th anniversary this fall.

In time for Hello Kittys anniversary on November 1st Mimoco will have designed and produced several different USB flash drives, and Hello Kitty will be the first to hit the stores, in early September.

Soon thereafter Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Kuromi, Keroppi, Chococat, and TuxedoSam will also show up in MIMOBOT form.

The line will be available for purchase at MIMOBOT.com and SANRIO.com, select SANRIO boutiques and other specialty retailers.