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MiniMaracas – Rattles Made From Sustainable Wood

MiniMaracas is a set of three small wooden rattles with different shapes and colours. They’re small with soft edges and a perfect fit for small toddler hands.



Grou – The Coat Rack that Grows with the Children

A lot of furniture can be changed as the children grow up. Menuts Grou is a very clever one of such.

Grou is a minimalistic tree that functions as a coat rack. All the knobs can be moved around the tree, as the children grows.

Combined Stacking and Puzzle Toy With Several Different Degrees of Difficulty

By making two pieces out of each stacking ring, Buchi has created a beautifully simple combined stacking and puzzle toy with several different degrees of difficulty.

The stacking rings are made out of a cross and a surrounding square, which fit perfectly together. The first challenges will be to put the squares onto the crosses and to put the crosses onto the stick. The next challenge will be putting the squares onto the crosses after having placed the crosses onto the stick first.

Besides being a clever toy it is also very simple and beautiful and could be perfect as nursery decoration.

WorryWoo Monsters – Stories and plush toys helping kids deal with emotions

Helping kids deal with their emotions can be difficult, and incorporating emotions in play is a very good way for kids to learn how to talk about their feelings and build confidence.

The award winning WorryWoo Monsters are characters made with this in mind – cute characters that embodies one emotion each. A story book and a plush toy is available for each character, and I’m sure many kids will appreciate having a plush toy friend who’s dealing with the same difficult emotions that they themselves are.

There are six emotional characters available; Nola The Monster of Loneliness, Rue The Monster of Insecurity, Fuddle The Monster of Confusion, Squeek The Monster of Innocence, Wince The Monster of Worry, and last but not least Twitch The Monster of Frustration, which will be available this fall.

Clump-o-lump – Stuffed Animals With Exchangeable Parts

Clump-o-lump is a fantastic concept that allows children to create their own fantasy  animal by taking a series of stuffed animals apart and putting the different parts together as they wish.

The Clump-o-lump family is (at this point) a family of six stuffed animals – Tig-o the Tiger, Squid-o the Squid, Bee-o the Bee, Bird-o the Bird, Shark-o the Shark and Frog-o the Frog. All of which are made out of three parts connected by zippers. All parts are easily detached each other, allowing the children to exchange parts and assemble all sorts of funny looking creatures.

With a bunch of these animals one can make a very cool and long wormy creature, by putting a lot of middle parts together! Oh, and don’t you just love the fantastic spine detail visible in all the creatures when they are taken appart? I do!

Young mad scientist’s alphabet building blocks – different, decorative and interesting

The Etsy store Xylocopa Design has this set of different, decorative and interesting alphabet blocks, featuring six “mad scientist concepts”. Each alphabet block is adorned by six detailed laser engraved illustrations and letters.