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Recycled Fold-up Cardboard Animals

Polish label Paperowe Miasto has created a series of cardboard fold-up toys made out of recycled cardboard. Their latest edition is a set that contains 20 different animals, which are said to be easy to fold-up and durable.





Jellyface Designer Toy Pillows

I love designer toy pillows because they are practical, cool and so cuddly. Jellyface designs several collections of limited edition designer toys and several of them are pillow shaped.

All the toys from Jellyface have the same history. They are sea creatures who had to flea the ocean due to pollution, and are trying to find a home on dry land. They look cute, but might have a dark side…

Jellyface designer toys are 100% handmade in Italy.

Old fashioned handmade stuffed toy animals

nikoki creates stuffed toy animals with big personalities and an old fashion look. These stuffed toy animals are handmade and several of them have been adorned with embroidery details, like the Rock ‘n’ Roll bear and the sailor bear, which both have gotten their very own tattoos.

anamalz – Award Winning Wooden Toys with Movable Limbs

anamalz are award winning wooden toys with movable limbs, and as the name suggest the toys are all various animals. anamalz are available in four different series – wildanamalz, farmanamalz, australiananamalz and perhistoricanamalz.

anamalz toys are handmade from sustainable wood, materials that allow the animals to move, and textiles to create details and accessories.

wildanamalz is a series of 16 wild toy animals. The giraffe, the brown bear, the hippo, the crocodile, the gorilla and the elephant are some of the animals found in this series.

In the farmanamalz series you’ll find 16 different farm toy animals. Animals like the cow, the sheep, the lama and the goat can be found here.

australiananamalz is a series that has to do with, yes you guessed it, Australian animals and contains 5 toy animals – the emu, the kangaroo, the echidna, the wombat and the koala.

Finally perhistoricanamalz is a series that contains 6 prehistoric toy animals and has some of the most well known dinosaurs: the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Torosaurus, Brontosaurus, Parasaurolophus and the Stegosaurus.

There are a few accessories available for these toys, a barn and a play mat amongst others.

Discovery Space Center – A Dollhouse Made with Boys in Mind

I love the way a dollhouse can trigger children’s imagination and fantasy, and I dare say that boys like dollhouses just as much as girls do, providing though that it is a dollhouse made with boys in mind!

The Discovery Space Center from Hape is the kind of dollhouse I suspect boys will love. After all It’s a spaceship that is built like a dollhouse. It does not have any outer walls and you therefore have easy access to all the rooms of the spaceship.

The dollhouse has been designed to encourage imitative play and imagination and promote fantasy, story telling, role playing and creativity. It also has a positive effect on fine motor skills.

The Discovery Space Center received the 2011 gold award from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, and a gold award from Parents Choice.

Little Korboose – Pillow Soft Toy

Little Korboose is the creator of these wonderful pillows shaped around childish drawings. Simple and adorable!

I love the use of only a few colors and how the color doesn’t stay inside the lines. I can imagine that many toddlers and small children will use these pillows as soft toys as well.

Little Korboose is situated in Ohio, where many of their products are produced. The production is done with quality, sustainable resources and eco friendly materials in mind.