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Jason Freeny – Dissecting Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Care Bare and Raving Rabbid

Ever wonder what the likes of Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Care Bare and Raving Rabbid would look like inside if they were alive? Or had been…

Don’t know how Jason Freeny got the idea of dissecting toys and sculpting their bones and intestines, but turns out it’s not as disgusting as it might sound at first.

Freeny really makes the most wonderfully detailed and creative “reconstructions” of toys inner parts. I’m totally blown away by his creations and I’d love to own some of his works for sure.

Heres a bunch of examples of his dissecting work. Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, My Little Pony, Raving Rabbid, Care Bare and a Rubber Duck are amongst the lucky few who have now got their inners on display.

Jumping Brain Toy


The Jumping Brain is a cross between a brain and a frog. Boys are going to love it! Especially because you’ll be able to divide the two half’s of the brain.

This brainy toy is designed by Lapolab/Emilio Garcia, and will be available in a few months. There will only be made 12o figures of each color, but they will all be signed and numbered. The Jumping Brains will cost about $45-65 USD each.

Via Vinyl Pulse

Creature Mix – Cartoon Animals With Interchangeable Parts


Creature Mix by MGA Entertainment is a series of vinyl toys with interchangeable body parts. There are 12 fun animals to collect, all with nice cartoonish shapes, fresh colors and clean cartoon like patterns.

Creature Mix are sold in groups of three or as singles. When sold as singles each pack includes extra parts and when sold as groups there are four various groups to choose from;

  • Panda, Lion and Rhinoceros
  • Gorilla, Giraffe and Pig
  • Elephant, Zebra and Hyena
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Pterodactyl.

creature_mix_interchanged.jpgAll the animals have interchangeable noses, airs, legs and tails, and anyone lucky enough to have all 12 will have a huge amount of parts to choose from!

All four groups and a few singles are available at Amazon.com.

Via Thingamababy

C.i.Boys from Red Magic


Red Magic makes some really cool and very sweet vinyl figures named C.i.Boys. They come in many different series. The ones pictured above are from the Gladia Sport Series.

The C.i.Boys figures are simple and their expressions are made by just a few simple creative strokes. In contrast the rest of the figure is very detailed. The C.i.Boys series, like many other vinyl toy series, are collectors items and you will not know which one you will receive when you order one. In the Red Magic Shop you can find information on how many of each version they have in stock so you it is possible to calculate your chances of getting the one you want.

Red Magic also makes a really cute vinyl series called Lala Couple which are without small parts and great for young girls. The C.i.Boys figures are not suited for small children as the arms are detachable and can easily be swallowed.

Rocket World Creature Hoodie

rocket_world_creature_hoodieRocket World have had great success with their animal themed I.W.G. vinyl figures, and are now following up the success by introducing the first piece of clothing from their new apparel line, a fleece hoodie jacket. The hoodie has been given the suitable name “Creature Hoodie”. Each Creature Hoodie includes a rare I.W.G vinyl figure, “Terminator” Septimius the Black Bear, which is exclusively made to accompany it.

The Creature Hoodie is a technical fleece jacket meant for the outdoors. Patrick Ma is the designer who has developed the fleece jacket. Ma has experience in creating and producing technical outdoor apparel and equipment, and this has resulted in the Creature Hoodie being one of the few very good technical “childish” pieces of clothing ever developed. The Creature Hoodie is actually a very unique product, since it is made in adult sizes, and will fit older children and adults.

The fleece jacket is of the highest quality. The fleece material is developed by Malden Mills, which is one of the best producers of fleece fabric, and the zippers is made by YKK. The hoodie is produced at one of the best technical outdoor factories in California. The jacket has lots of good technical features, and is of course equipped with an iPod/MP3 pocket. The jacket will be ideal for use during winter activities like snowboarding.

The Creature Hoodie got very good response when debuting at this years San Diego Comic Con, and the first Limited Edition production of the hoodie has been predicted to sell out very soon after hitting the market on the 24th of November. So if you would like to own one of these hoodies, you should head on over to Rocket World as soon as possible to be sure to get one.